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Coding isn't just a career, it's a way of life

About me

Hi, my name is Youssouf MARZOUK. I'm a Full-stack web developer. Specialize in the MERN stack with decent knowledge in other technologies in the field as well. For an in-depth insight into my skills and qualifications, I invite you to check out my Resume.

As I said before, my name is Youssouf. I'm a nineteen year old young man from Morocco. I first found out about this programming field last year and liked it so much, so I decided that is what I'm gonna do. After doing a ton of research on the internet, I did find that it's a large domain, and it's possible to get into this industry without a degree by being self-taught. After that, I picked web development because it's kind of holding the stick from the middle, and you can transact to related fields later. So I departed on this journey.

I used a wide collection of resources in my learning, from freeCodeCamp and MDN to YouTube (I watched so many videos from these channels: Traversy media, Web Dev Simplified, Fireship, and so many others). And took the CS50 course from Harvard and completed many courses on OpenClassRooms, solved so many algorithmic challenges over HackerRank, and build so many projects. I devoted all of my time and effort to this. I even moved out of my house and city and lived by myself so I can focus on my new career. It was a rough journey, full of hard times and bugs. But I didn't give up and I won't do. And here I'm, after several months of constant battle. That was a quick glimpse into my journey, hope you like it.


Get It Done

Get It Done is a project management system. Its goal is to help teams getting work done as fast and effectively as possible. And it does that by letting each member know what he should do and when to do it. By giving employers and project managers the ability to assign tasks to developers and track their progress.

It is built with React and Nodejs and uses MongoDB as a database.

One Piece Encyclopedia

This Project is about the Japanese anime television series One Piece which, I'm a huge fan of. This Website is a kind of encyclopedia site type.

It's separated into two parts. The back-end: It's a rest API built using NodeJS and Express and uses MongoDB as a Data Base and serves JSON. And the front-end: Built using React that queries data from the server and displays it in the UI.


Coming soon

Check Github repo to see progress.

project img

Other Cool Stuff

Small projects

Pandemic Simulator

pandemic simulator dashboard

This website Simulate the propagation of a disease in a given population. It's built using HTML, Sass, and JS.


TodoFlask dashboard

A To Do list app built using Python (Flask) and uses MySQL as a database. Also uses HTML, CSS, and JS.


TodoFlask dashboard

SHA-100 is my secure hashing algorithm (SHA for short). Inspired by the infamous SHA-256, built using TypeScript, Express, and EJS.